Meet Julio Suaña Coula – Titilaka’s Head Guide

Soms krijg je informatie van je partners op de bestemming, die je gewoon enorm graag wilt delen. Deze post is een goed voorbeeld. De hoofdgids van Titilaka, een Typisch Talisman accommodatie in Peru, schrijft hieronder over zijn avonturen. Wij hebben het met veel plezier gelezen, wij hopen u ook!

Guide Titilaka“Nothing makes me happy like being beside the water,” says Julio Suaña Coila, Titilaka’s head guide, as he sits beside Lake Titicaca, birds flying overhead against a bright blue sky. “Machu Picchu is magnificent, but I need the water.” Suaña Coila, 31, is a native of the lake like few others; he was born and raised on one of the tiny Uros floating islands, home to him, his parents, seven siblings, and a dozen other families.

Although many might have an image of Titicaca as being a scene of melancholic natural beauty, Suaña Coila’s euphoria regarding the place he calls home belies that, and is infectious. And although their island was small, Suaña Coila, a native Aymara speaker, who later learnt Spanish and then English, regularly roamed the lake, by boat, and on land, as he accompanied his parents on visits to different markets to trade and barter local goods. “My brother, my sisters and I always used to find candies, chocolates or toys at the markets. It was the perfect childhood,” he adds. “It gave me a taste both for travelling and, of course, Titicaca.” He would, he says, like to travel himself, before settling down and rearing a family. The places he most wants to see are all appropriately connected to the water; Patagonia, the Galapagos Islands and the Iguazu Falls.
guide titilaka 2

Now, after getting a BA in tourism, Suaña Coila is Titilaka’s head guide. “I don’t like the city, but here, everything is perfect. Titilaka has a wonderful natural setting. It is my home in every way, and I love to be able to share it with our guests,” he adds. “For me, what I do with Titilaka is not work. It feels like my home. I am just being myself and sharing what I most love in the world with the guests. It is the perfect life. The guests are friends, who it feels like I have grown up with.”

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